Twilio Alternative Future of customer engagement— build customer relationships

Tel2Globe offers software as a service (SAAS) model of a customer engagement products that enables inbound and outbound interactions through a secure, cloud based and scalable platform. Many of the platform features makes all your interaction engaging.

Our clients see vast improvements of their teams focused: ensuring every conversation strengthens the customer relationship at reduced costs with visibility and insightful reporting.

Communicate on any channel
your customers prefer

Messaging: Send and receive chat messages reliably with best-in-class communications.

Voice: Build verified voice solutions with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), recording options for.

Email: Deliver email at incredible scale and deliverability expertise.

Phone Number: Get Verified Phone Numbers

Empower frontline teams to deliver
better customer experiences

Give your team a modern engagement tools and compliant workflows to gain satisfaction customers with confidence on each interaction.

Nurture customer relationship with customer centric interaction platform and deliver best support your client deserves.

Personalize every interaction at scale

Unify the data in your CRM with reliable customer engagement platform.

Collect and connect your customer data with the platform and create a single view of each customer information.

Build personalized relations with an omnichannel growth platform powered by real-time customer data.

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